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There are several resources you might consider in answering this question.  I would recommend starting with ProQuest, because it is a database that not only has legal resources, but business as well.  I would also recommend LexisNexis Academic (or Lexis or Westlaw, if you have a subscription) for more law-based articles.  I would also recommend trying HeinOnline, which is a database that boasts materials from a wide array of legal disciplines.  These three databases are available to anyone with IU credentials.  You would also be able to access them by using a computer on campus.  

If you do not have IU credentials (a username and passphrase) and/or cannot make it to campus to use a campus computer for access to these databases, I would recomend searching Findlaw or the Findlaw for Professionals site.  Articles on these sites have a practical focus and will often provide clear guidance on specific legal situations, such as buyout agreements.

If you are still having difficulty, try searching an online catalog, such as WorldCat, and if you find a book or article of interest there, go to a local library and see if you can request an interlibrary loan.  A lot of firm libraries offer this service, and certainly academic libraries do as well.  If you can come by Bloomington, any resident of Indiana is able to obtain a borrower's card from our Law Library and we would be happy to put in an interlibrary loan request for you (or allow you to borrow from our collection, of course). 

If you have any more questions, we are happy to help, and we can always give you in-person assistance if you would like to come into the Law Library as well.

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